Sexuality is a broad term that harbors much emotion.  It can define love, marriage, hobbies, day-to-day activities, and life itself.

Your sexuality is diverse and deeply personal. Understanding sexuality is about understanding the sexual feelings and attractions you have towards others people.  It is not about who we have sex with.  Your sexuality is definitely a big part of who you are as a person, and it is connected to your overall health and well-being. There are different types of sexuality, and it can take time to figure out what fits right with you.

Identifying yourself as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning (LGBTQ) and disclosing this to other people is often referred to as ‘coming out’.  Many people find that coming out is a positive experience, however, coming to terms with confusion about sexual identity can have both positive and negative effects on many aspects of a person’s life.  It can affect social relationships, school or work, and your self-esteem.  It is common to fear negative reactions, rejection, and upsetting people you are close to.

The experience of coming out and living openly covers the full spectrum of human emotion — from fear to euphoria.  Whether you are an adolescent or adult, it is normal to have fear about being honest about your sexuality.  Counseling will give you the space and time to explore your truth.


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