IndividualIn individual therapy, you and I will work one on one to resolve the issues that brought you to counseling. Our first step will be getting to know one another so that you feel comfortable sharing your personal experiences. We will work together to establish goals that aim to facilitate change and improve your quality of life. Whether you came to counseling to treat a specific condition, such as anxiety or depression, or you just need a safe space to talk about a challenging time in life, individual counseling allows you the personal attention that you deserve.

Individual sessions last 50 minutes, and the frequency and duration of therapy will depend largely on your needs, treatment goals, and progress. Here are some issues that may be addressed in individual counseling:

  • Overcoming depression, anxiety, stress
  • Strengthening self-esteem
  • Developing healthy relationships
  • Coping with grief, loss, and loneliness
  • Resolving career conflicts
  • Healing childhood wounds
  • Managing extreme emotions
  • Developing your ability to express healthy emotions
  • Handling addictions and obsessive behaviors
  • Working through life transitions
  • Exploring purpose, meaning, and growth
  • Learning effective communication
  • Resolving sexual difficulties
  • Forming intimacy and trust

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